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The Harmonious fusion of antique charm and modern flair: The Manteo House - A Unique Blend of 1871 Heritage and Custom Honduran Mahogany

The Manteo House, locally referred to as the Evans Family Homeplace, boasts a unique blend of original 1871 elements such as wooden flooring, doors, window frames, and transoms, complemented by custom Honduran mahogany in its extended wings. Upon entering the main foyer, visitors are greeted with a harmonious fusion of antique charm and modern flair, featuring marble flooring, imported mahogany baseboards and ceiling trim, and a prized mid-1800s tiger oak entryway hutch.

The Manteo House and its detached apartment provide 6000 sqft of interior space, including 7 bedrooms, a den, parlor, formal dining room, breakfast nook, second-floor lounge, and 4 covered porches, one of which is screened. Situated on an acre of land surrounded by a white picket fence, the property is ideal for events or full-house rentals. The spacious gourmet kitchen is available for event or rental use.

Meet Michael Basnight, the Visionary Behind The Manteo House: A Place of Exceptional Hospitality

Michael is the proud owner of The Manteo House, a historic property steeped in local heritage and rich with stories and legacies. Initially constructed for John Wesley Evans and his wife Rosa Brinkley Evans, the house has been a hub of activity for over 150 years, hosting numerous weddings, church engagements, business and political events, and even serving as the island’s first schoolhouse.

With its comfortable and inviting atmosphere, The Manteo House is a popular destination for private events, romantic getaways, corporate retreats and team-building excursions. Whether looking for a peaceful escape or a unique setting for your next event, you’ll find what you’re looking for at The Manteo House.

Michael is dedicated to preserving the rich history of The Manteo House and is working to create a “History of” portal to share the many stories and legacies associated with this iconic property. With its spacious porches, comfortable parlour, and tranquil grounds, The Manteo House offers guests a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of Roanoke Island. So why wait? Book your stay today and experience the magic of The Manteo House for yourself!